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Why You Should Join 2%

Are you a Licensed REALTOR who dreams of earning a salary over $100,000? Real Estate is an Essential Business during COVID–19 and we need YOU to join our team! Work from home – wherever that home may be. We have Realtors all over Alberta!

Attracting clients is tough; eliminating the dreaded conversation of alarmingly high commissions makes customer satisfaction easier than before! Our disruptive ‘Discount Brokerage’ business model allows for this win-win-win circular strategy:

WIN:  Happy Client from lead loves photos, saves money, and refers you!
WIN: Referrals earn you more volume of business!
WIN: More listings = more leads = higher salary!

List & sell a home for 2%.  That’s our commission.  When life gets complicated, we keep it simple.  Enjoy the wide range of perks:

  • Average income of $121,000.00!
  • People want to save money! Increased volume of quality leads for you!
  • Lowest Monthly Fees to trade!

We have worked tirelessly with our team to build a Fee structure that empowers everyone and sustains our operations.

~Full transparency, we reinvest income back into the business to gain more leads for YOU! Our #1 goal is YOUR success as a REALTOR.

Now, check out more details on what we offer:

  • We offer REALTORS flexibility (which is a nice option to have)! Sign up for a 1, 2, or 3-year employment agreement with 2% Realty Edge AB.
  • Each REALTOR comfortably works from their home, enjoying ZERO office fees and low-cost $100 2% Realty Franchise fee per month!
  • REALTORS have choice! Listing Commissions are an 85/15 split with the office or $395 Flat Fee (great for part-time Realtors).
  • Full 7/3 commission on Buyer Deals.
  • Minimum Listing Fee of $6,000.
  • Optional upfront non-refundable fee ($350 – $500) for difficult listings.
  • 2% Realty Edge supplies lead generation in each Town/County for local REALTORS on our lead program.
    They will be sent out directly from the owner immediately upon receiving.
  • 2% Realty will pay Transfer fees for each REALTOR.
  • 2% Realty will supply online monthly webinar training for all REALTORS.
  • We support UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and operate 100% paperless!
  • 2% Realty will train all REALTORS on the Loft47 environmentally friendly program.
  • Low-cost professional photography and Virtual Tours for Realtors in the Edmonton area with next-day delivery! Guaranteed to maximize MLS® viewership,
    helping to sell homes in record time. Offered for free to those in our Listing Lead Program!

Check out our photographer’s incredible photography portfolio  http://chadmidnight.photo

PLUS: To help you start up, For Sale signs will be supplied AND enjoy ZERO Office Fees on 1 personal sell & purchase per year.

BONUS!!! Your first 2 deals with our company will be at 95/5 to help cover your expenses of joining 2% Realty Edge AB.  How awesome is that!!!

For more information or to join our team, please contact us @ 780-667-7653.